Volunteer Spotlight: Jolisa Copeman! HFHK Board Member, PR Committee Member, and Miss Delaware!

Jolisa volunteers her time with HFHK by attending board meetings, PR meetings, growing the customer base of HFHK, as well as helping with event preparation. Jolisa’s passion for the environment and horticulture comes from her upbringing in the Poconos where she was constantly interacting with nature and the outside world. As she grew older, she recognized the gap between the environment and inner city spaces and hopes to share her message as Miss Delaware USA 2019 to help bridge that gap. Outside of HFHK, Jolisa works as a landscape design assistant at Longwood Gardens, where she works directly with the senior display designer and prepares the plans for Longwood’s five seasons. Jolisa has dual degrees from the University of Delaware including a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. Jolisa’s values and life goals perfectly align with the mission of HFHK and she loves volunteering her time with this organization. We admire her passion for horticulture, her entrepreneurship expertise, and are excited that she will be promoting a green platform as Miss Delaware!

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