Volunteer Spotlight: Chuck Dobbs

Long past due, HFHK would like to recognize the many contributions of Chuck Dobbs. Chuck is Senior Project Architect for Tetra Tech in the Newark, Delaware office. Tetra Tech, a prominent Architectural and Engineering Design service firm in Delaware for over seventy years, has worked on and designed many of Delaware’s public schools. During Chuck’s twenty plus years at Tetra Tech, he has worked on a number of these public school projects.  Chuck’s involvement with HFHK was certainly a natural complement to his school work experience. It was actually Chuck’s wife Madeline’s involvement on the HFHK Board, which drew him into service for HFHK.   His love for designing and physically building things, coupled with his belief in the critical role that public schools play in society, merges in the joy he gets from building gardens, and other volunteer activities for HFHK. His first garden build at Mt Pleasant Elementary School was a thrill for him, not only because of the great fun he had with the building process with all the teachers, parents and students, but also because it was where his daughter Vivienne attended elementary school twenty three years prior to that garden build day.   He was an invaluable advisor when we switched to lumber construction for the Marbrook ES (see the video here) and HB DuPont Middle School gardens. More recently, he served as a judge for a planter building competition by the Springer Middle School STEM students, which helped support an HFHK fundraising event. We appreciate Chuck sharing his skills and time with us, and his enthusiasm for our cause!

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