Grants underwrite statewide expansion and leadership transition

FMC Corporation, the Longwood Foundation, and the Delaware Department of Agriculture provide major funding

HFHK is taking major steps in March to grow its presence in Delaware with the help of several major funders.

FMC and The Longwood Foundation are funding an important transition to a new Executive Director .  At the same time, Longwood and the Delaware Department of Agriculture are funding our expansion of school gardens into Kent and Sussex Counties.

Major sponsor FMC explains their support for HFHK’s school garden program. “We are proud to partner with HFHK to help kids and families across the region lead healthier lives through nutrition,” said Dr. Karen Totland, vice president and chief sustainability officer for FMC Corporation. “We support HFHK’s school garden program because it allows kids to discover firsthand the amazing process of bringing food from the farm to their plate.”

Thianda added, “I want to acknowledge the extraordinary dedication of our Development Director and Program Manager Lindsay Lancaster in growing our program and funding to help bring us to this point. She’s a great asset to HFHK.”

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