Statewide Expansion Off to a Successful Start

DDA & DHSS fund new garden builds in Kent, Sussex & New Castle Counties Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids expanded statewide with gardens and programming at three new schools, bolstered by our funding partners.

With funding support from our grantors and heavy lifting from our volunteers, HFHK recently broke new ground with two new school gardens in Sussex and Kent counties and one in New Castle. All three school communities rallied behind their garden builds to give kids an experience they soon won’t forget.  

First Graders at South Dover Elementary dig furrows for arugula

In Kent County, a large group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers built a vegetable garden at South Dover Elementary School. The volunteers included staff, former staff and parents, who built both the garden and a new shed in just one day. Ten days later, students were engaged in soil and planting lessons. We thank the Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) for supporting our southern expansion through a Specialty Crop Block grant.  
Sussex Montessori School students answer questions about seeds and where they get the energy to sprout

In Sussex County, Sussex Montessori School students and staff prepped and planted their first vegetable garden in March. Each grade had their responsibilities. Students in second and third grades learned about and prepared the soil. Kindergarten and first grade classes learned about seeds and planted them. There were plenty of smiles all around even on quite a chilly planting day! Everyone is excited to watch the plants grow and harvest their fresh vegetables in April and May. This garden was funded in part by a grant to Sussex Montessori from University of Delaware Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-ED program.  

Bayard Middle School students prepare the soil for planting

To round out our new schools around the state, we also began a garden program in New Castle County. Bayard Middle School students completed their soil and planting lessons in March. In April, HFHK will work with school volunteers to install a new shed and irrigation system to ensure a plentiful harvest. Delaware Health and Social Services (DHSS) made the Bayard School’s new garden possible through a Community Health Grant. 

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