Sprouts Farmers Market awards HFHK a 2021 Neighborhood Grant

Sprouts Farmers Market continues its support of HFHK’s mission with a 2021 Neighborhood Grant. Their support doesn’t stop there. This year, we’re excited that volunteers from Sprouts Farmers Market will be building Carrcroft Elementary’s first school garden on November 6. The students’ first planting will take place in the Spring 2022.

Sprouts is committed to strengthening local food systems by providing our communities with access to fresh, nutritious food, and empowering children with the knowledge and resources to live a healthier life,” said Sprouts CEO Jack Sinclair in a press release. “Our Foundation’s work with local partners in this effort is just one of the many ways Sprouts is growing goodness in our communities.”

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation also funded the garden at Hanby Elementary School.

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