Carper visits Rehoboth Elementary, attends garden lesson

On March 25, Senator Tom Carper visited Rehoboth Elementary School to celebrate their National Blue Ribbon School designation. This award program recognizes exemplary public and non-public schools on a yearly basis. In between chatting with students and touring the new building, Senator Carper visited the HFHK garden and participated in a 2nd grade soil lesson led by Program Manager Jen Cipolla.

“The students were so excited to have Senator Carper visit the garden during their lesson. Hearing from and interacting with our state leaders demonstrates the importance of our ‘Education Cultivation’ program to the students,” said Cipolla. Rehoboth Elementary rejoined Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids’ program this spring, after the old elementary school was demolished in January 2018. “Prior to the building of our new school, our students embraced learning collaboratively about the importance of growing and harvesting their own food. They took pride in their various roles in the process and our garden-to-table meal days were always fulfilling,” explained Principal Doris Person on why she is re-partnering with HFHK. “Additionally, we look forward to re-establishing community partnerships to provide food to those in need.”

Kindergarten and First Grade planted lettuce, spinach, rainbow chard, carrots and peas and the first harvest is expected to be on May 6th. This is also the date when Governor Carney is visiting Rehoboth Elementary for a tree planting ceremony. HFHK staff will be in attendance as well. This garden was funded by Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant. Thank you to DDA for supporting HFHK’s ‘Education Cultivation’ program and statewide expansion.

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