We can’t wait to Veggie-cate the First State!

It’s our dream to have a garden in every interested Delaware school! This year HFHK will expand to several new schools in Kent and Sussex Counties, and will hire a new Program Coordinator to help serve these schools. HFHK is grateful for the support of our expansion, especially to FMC for a generous multi-year grant, the State of Delaware for awarding us the Specialty Crop Block Grant, the Laffey McHugh Foundation for supporting the additional supervisory staff time that will accompany this transformative transition, and to all our amazing individual donors. Your contributions have turned this vision into a reality. According to HFHK Founder and President, Dr. Thianda Manzara: “Delaware is a gem of a state, where paradoxically, agriculture is a vital industry, and yet many children think food comes from a grocery store. In HFHK school gardens, children learn otherwise, while having joyful experiences that enhance their intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to improve agricultural literacy and health of all our state’s children, and to do our part to help prepare them to lead Delaware into the future.“ We wish you a year of health and happiness as we embark on our quest to Veggie-cate the First State together!

Thank You to our PR Chair Extraordinaire

Passionate about healthy eating and gardening, and a true ambassador for HFHK, Alisha Beckford has volunteered with us on our PR committee for two years and currently serves as our PR committee chair extraordinaire.

From assisting with social media content, to community outreach events, to taking minutes at our bi-monthly meetings, we are most grateful for her dedication and support of HFHK. Follow us on Facebook and twitter to see her posts and tweets featuring healthy recipes that highlight seasonal vegetables! Interested in volunteering? Click HERE to see how you can become involved.