Our Commitment

The success of Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids is based on establishing trust and adhering to high standards of behavior whenever we interact with children, schools, parents, volunteers and donors who support and participate in our programs.

Child Protection

We have four major planks to accomplish this goal:

  1. We are deeply committed to providing the children we serve with a safe environment in which to learn the joys of growing and eating healthy foods. 
  2. No employee or volunteer may be alone with a child.
  3. The names of all potential employees are screened in the National Sex Offender Registry.  
  4. We hold all our employees and volunteers to the highest ethical standards when working with children.

Racial Equity

In line with our mission, Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids is addressing racial inequities in a unique way with our school garden program.  By teaching diverse students in Delaware schools to develop lifelong wholesome eating habits, our intent is to help address the health inequities that some minority populations experience.  We also support the efforts of others to create a country where everyone is treated fairly and given opportunities to succeed.

Covid-19 Update

As our schools reopen this spring, we are continuing to provide them with our services as appropriate, including creative ways to help families grow vegetables at home. 

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